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Technical challenge in Germany


The project is an expansion and replacement of the existing greenhouse complex. The new greenhouse will become a production greenhouse of the type Venlo with a postheight of 5.5 meters. It will be used for the cultivation of bedding plants, such as Pelargoniums, Petunias and Fuchsias.

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Dutch dismantled Venlo greenhouse goes around the world


At the end of 2016, Debets Schalke dismantled a Venlo greenhouse of 16 hectares in Someren, because some parts of the greenhouse had been damaged by a huge hailstorm. Now, a year and a half later, the same greenhouse has been given a new destitation at various locations in the world. The work area of a greenhouse construction company is not limited to Europe, but to the whole world. This Venlo greenhouse has been rebuilt in various global locations, in both Europe and Asia.

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Westland greenhouse of 11 hectares officially opened in Azerbaijan


On the 4th of December, the President of Azerbaijan, IIham Aliyev, opened the new greenhouse of Baku Agropark. This complex for the cultivation of tomatoes covers 11 hectares. This project will create at least 140 jobs in the region. In December 2016, the Dutch greenhouse construction company, Debets Schalke, started the first phase of this tomato greenhouse project in Azerbaijan. Last July, this project was completed and the cultivation started.

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Geothermally heated greenhouse realized in no time in Hungary


While in the Netherlands the first greenhouses are heated with geothermal energy, geothermal heating systems in Hungary have been used in greenhouses for many years. This Hungarian greenhouse construction project is an example of international cooperation, combining the knowledge of local Hungarian geothermal energy with the latest Dutch greenhouse construction techniques.

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Electrically heated greenhouse completed in Abkhazia


More and more international growers and investors find their way to the greenhouse construction companies in the Netherlands. Knowledge and resources, to achieve the highest quality and production, are the main reasons for this. Frequently Dutch greenhouse companies complete greenhouse projects globally. The greenhouse construction company Debets Schalke was active in 2015 in 51 countries.
Last year Debets Schalke completed a turnkey greenhouse project of five hectares in Abkhazia. Besides the fact that this is the first modern large-scale greenhouse construction project in Abkhazia, it is also unique that the greenhouse is heated using electricity.

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Niche products on the rise in horticulture sector


The awareness and demand for healthier culinary ingredients have paved the way for greenhouse niche products. Aart-Jan and Mirjam Bil, who own “De Schorreblomme” company, have been growing salicornia outside for 5 years, and have recently decided to begin growing it in greenhouses. Demand for salicornia and sea lavender is increasing. Aart-Jan Bil hopes to extend cultivation by a few weeks by growing the product in a cold greenhouse.

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Greenhouse builder Debets Schalke launches new international brand identity

Debets Schalke_Building

Debets Schalke introduces its new logo and corporate image today. The change is designed to highlight the company’s position as an international specialist in the area of global turnkey greenhouse projects.

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Debets-Schalke & DS Hortitrade at Four Oaks Trade Show 2013


Debets Schalke & DS Hortitrade will attend the 43th edition of the Four Oaks Trade show 2013. Attending Four Oaks 2013 underlines the interest of Debets Schalke that a customer-friendly local approach is important. More and more growers are looking for glasshouse builders that can supply the complete package. The cooperation between Debets-Schalke and DS Hortitrade ensures that they have everything under the same roof. Besides new and second-hand glasshouses, it is also possible to opt for new or fully reconditioned horticultural machines, materials and systems of perfect quality. Due to the wide stock, Debets-Schalke and DS Hortitrade are able to quickly provide any type of equipment.

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