Greenhouse builder Debets Schalke launches new international brand identity

Debets Schalke introduces its new logo and corporate image today. The change is designed to highlight the company’s position as an international specialist in the area of global turnkey greenhouse projects.

Debets Schalke, which was founded in 1985, has since evolved into a global supplier of new & used greenhouses and technical installations. However, in the Netherlands Debets Schalke is still exclusively viewed as a global builder of second-hand greenhouses. By contrast, abroad Debets Schalke is also known for its turnkey new construction projects. In addition, nowadays the major share of the company’s revenues comes from these new construction projects. ‘The new corporate image gives the company a modern “look & feel” and unifies the entire portfolio under a single visual personality. The result is refreshing and at the same unmistakeably faithful to Debets Schalke’s history and heritage,’ says Dylan Schalke, Export Manager at Debets Schalke.

New Brand Identity

The pictorial trademark refers to the founders of this family business, Martin Debets and Jan Schalke. The two pioneers who started it all. With the ‘DS’ in the pictorial trademark, the company puts its stamp on the traditional greenhouse construction craftsmanship that enabled the founders to transform this family business into an internationally renowned company. The result is a striking representation of Debets Schalke.

The new Debets Schalke logo:


The new website also went live today. Visitors to this new website can obtain additional information about Debets Schalke’s various projects, offers and about the services offered by the company. The website will also be launched in other languages in the near future.

Collaboration with DS Hortitrade

The introduction of the new logo and the new corporate image coincides with the name change and adjustment of the corporate image of DS Hortitrade (formerly DS2). This is not by accident. Both companies carry the same pictorial trademark. DS Hortitrade and Debets Schalke have successfully worked together for some time. The success formula ensures that they can provide a wide range of solutions throughout the world. The pictorial trademark illustrates the collaboration of two market-driven and solution-oriented companies. This unique partnership ensures that the customer is in regular contact. First with Debets Schalke for the construction of the greenhouse and subsequently with DS Hortitrade for the trade in horticultural machines and materials. This enables them to develop a good relationship over the long term and to make life easier for the customer in a variety of ways. “With this pictorial trademark we position ourselves in many countries in a clear and recognisable way. At the same time we demonstrate that we each are experts in the area in which we operate,” says Martin Debets, General Manager of Debets Schalke.

Introduction to the world

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About Debets Schalke

Debets Schalke is a company that is dedicated to the worldwide sale of new and used greenhouses and technical installations. Since it was founded in 1985, Debets Schalke has skilfully and carefully implemented over a thousand subprojects and turnkey projects all over the world. For additional information and latetst update follow Debets Schalke at Twitter/DebetsSchalke

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