Electrically heated greenhouse completed in Abkhazia

More and more international growers and investors find their way to the greenhouse construction companies in the Netherlands. Knowledge and resources, to achieve the highest quality and production, are the main reasons for this. Frequently Dutch greenhouse companies complete greenhouse projects globally. The greenhouse construction company Debets Schalke was active in 2015 in 51 countries.
Last year Debets Schalke completed a turnkey greenhouse project of five hectares in Abkhazia. Besides the fact that this is the first modern large-scale greenhouse construction project in Abkhazia, it is also unique that the greenhouse is heated using electricity.

Local market

“Debets Schalke increasingly builds more greenhouses in areas where the availability of fossil fuels is limited. In the Netherlands almost all greenhouses are heated by the fossil fuel gas and in Poland most of the greenhouses are heated by using the fossil fuel coal. The choice for electricity is not always obvious, but when electricity is cheaper than fossil fuel than it is an excellent price technical alternative, says Dylan Schalke of Debets Schalke. “Our goal is to complete a greenhouse project which is anticipating on the growing ambitions of our customer and exceed his expectations. Knowledge of the local conditions is essential.

Electricity versus fossil fuels

In the “heat vision” of LTO Glaskracht Nederland the possibilities of (sustainable) electric heating in greenhouses are also discussed. In some parts of the world’s sustainable energy is cheaper than energy from fossil fuels, but the reliability of the electricity network is too often insufficient. In the long term this could mean that there will come a point that sustainable (electrical) energy is an economical choice, because fossil fuel is simply more expensive, even with the current low prices of fossil fuels. Greenhouse construction companies must adapt to the long and short term trend and realize greenhouses that are future-proof!

Turn-key Tomato greenhouse

The completed greenhouse project of Debets Schalke is located in the western region of the Caucasus. An area with a mild climate with short and mild winters. The white coated greenhouse has a post height of 6.5 meters. A lighting system is installed, allowing the greenhouse to be suitable for year-round production for the Russian market. Debets Schalke realized this project turn-key. The tomatoes are harvested as we speak!

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