Buffer tanks

Effective heating & CO2 management can be effectively achieved with a buffer tank. A buffer tank, also known as a heat storage tank, is primarily used for short term heat storage and smoothing out energy peaks, resulting in energy and cost savings. Buffer tanks can be supplied in a horizontal as well as a vertical configuration.

CO 2 management

The buffer tanks are designed so that the CO2 from the boiler and/or the CHP plant can be used. Without a robust CO2 management system, some of the lighting’s impact will be lost. It is therefore important to maintain the concentration of CO2 within the greenhouse at the proper level. Lighting/sunlight combined with high CO2 concentrations has a tremendous impact on the growth of crops, which is directly reflected in the production output. For economic reasons, every grower aims to minimise the emission of CO2, fertilisers, heat, light and pesticides. Any loss of auxiliary materials costs money.

Besides a broad product range of standard buffer tanks, Debets Schalke also supplies customised work.