It is impossible to imagine the modern greenhouse cultivation sector without lighting. There are various reasons for choosing a lighting system. Year-round cultivation is the reason cited most often, because buyers want a high quality product throughout the year. The decision to acquire a lighting system is easily made because the cost of the system can be recovered within a short period of time with year-round cultivation.

Growing light and development light

The crop cultivation sector uses lighting systems for two reasons: to provide growing light and development light. Growing light is needed for growth (through photosynthesis), while development light is needed for the plant’s development (form and flowering). Lighting is useful for many different growers as a means of artificially extending the period of daylight.

Perfect lighting plan

The ability to optimally integrate the various techniques and technologies into a modern greenhouse requires knowledge and experience. By engaging Debets Schalke, growers bring this knowledge and experience in-house. Debet Schalke is second to none when it comes to providing professional customised advice, because it recognises the importance of a properly developed expert lighting plan. Its extensive knowledge and experience means that customers are ensured of current and future-oriented advice.

Debets Schalke supplies and installs comprehensive new or refurbished lighting systems