screening systems

There are various reasons for installing a screening system. For example, screens can be installed to darken the greenhouse, control the emission of light, or for energy efficiency or sun protection. This system often serves multiple functions. A screening system can make a major contribution to energy efficiency without adversely affecting production.

Type of screening systems

Before deciding to install a screening system, it is important to clearly identify its requirements. Screening systems vary according to type of crop. Besides a broad selection of screen fabrics, there is a wide variety of possible screening systems. The screens can also be used to (climatologically) separate parts of the greenhouse. In their open position, the screens take up no more space than absolutely necessary.

Roll-up screens

Roll-up screens are vital for minimising light emissions, maximising energy efficiency or darkening a greenhouse. The system is installed in the façade of the greenhouse. The roll-up screen can be operated as a single unit or in parts or used to create a partition.