Turn-key greenhouse projects

Making life easier from A to Z

A greenhouse is a major investment that must be constructed with proper care. At Debets Schalke, growers are assigned a team that is constantly involved in each phase of the investment. A Debets Schalke turnkey project, ready for use, means that the customer is relieved from all concerns and is given clarity concerning the overall cost from the very beginning. So no financial surprises later. In a turnkey project, Debets Schalke assumes responsibility for the design, construction, the technical installations and all associated matters up to and including the project’s handover. This integral approach produces farm-specific solutions with an extended shelf life and an eye on the return on investment. With Debets Schalke, the grower can experience the joy of work planning and let Debets Schalke do the rest!


Quality always starts with the basics. Debets Schalke exclusively partners reliable and renowned professionals. Debets Schalke sets itself apart on the basis of its exceptionally high level of workmanship at a highly competitive price/quality ratio.


Debets Schalke has completed many turnkey projects all over the world. The website presents a selection of different projects. The examples illustrate what you can, not what you must do. Every greenhouse is unique! Nothing is impossible for Debets Schalke.