Used greenhouses and commercial areas

On this page you will find an overview of our used greenhouses and working areas offers. Debets Schalke has completed many projects worldwide for customers wanting ‘new’ or modified greenhouses or working areas. Using second hand greenhouse materials for these projects produces significant financial benefits, making it a perfect option for smaller budgets. The Venlo greenhouse is the most constructed greenhouse in the world. An used Venlo greenhouse is therefor a perfect option when there is no financial scope for a greenhouse made of new materials. Debets Schalke has a wide range of refurbished, cleaned, sorted and labelled greenhouse materials and components in stock at its storage sites and in its warehouses. All used greenhouse materials and components are custom-made for each project, so that the customer is always assured of a perfectly functioning greenhouse. The construction and the components naturally come with a warranty. Debets Schalke has a solution for every budget.

In this category you find our full range of used greenhouses and working areas.


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