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Atmospheric humidity

Atmospheric humidity in a greenhouse is a key growing factor because it influences the production and quality of the crops, directly and indirectly. A high pressure air humidification system, also known as a fogging or misting system, is used to control the relative humidity or to cool the air.

Cooling & direct evaporation

The greenhouse misting system can be used to create a cooling effect. Depending on the outside air temperature, a temperature reduction of more than 8 degrees can be achieved compared to sections without cooling. It is also possible to maintain a single growing section at temperature with this system.

The operating pressure of the high pressure misting system is between 70 and 120 bar. This tremendous pressure creates a very fine mist. The uniform microscopic misting is so fine that it immediately evaporates and does not settle on the crops.

Pad & fan system - ideal for desert climate

Evaporative cooling, which uses the heat in the air to evaporate water from plants and other wetted surfaces, can be used to cool the greenhouse as much as 10 to 20º degrees below the outside temperature. A pad and fan system works by placing fans on one side of the greenhouse and a pad wall on the other side. The system can be made up of individual components to fit a particular greenhouse. For desert climates, the pad and fan system can be affective to obtain a good climate. 

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