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Greenhouses for Medical & Niche products

Each greenhouse is unique in its own kind

Greenhouse cultivation for medicinal purposes and niche products requires special attention. Since it is to be used for medicinal use, this must be performed very sterile. Niche products are often subject to frequent research, development, innovation and often also patent law.

Research is priority

The greenhouse production of algae, for example, requires a different way of working than bulk vegetable production. Because microalgae can be cultivated in special photobioreactors on land, they can be abundantly produced under tightly controlled conditions on land unsuitable for terrestrial crops. Microalgae production therefore does not compete with agriculture.

A total other crop is cannabis. This cultivation has 3 growth cycles; Mother plants, growing and flowering of the plants. This means that various greenhouse solutions, depending on location, are required such as screening, complete darkening, irrigation, heating, cooling, air circulation, lighting, and all computer controlled per department. In addition, processing space is needed that can be tailored to handle the product. This can be cuttings, drying, pressing of oil etc. Partly because of the value of the final material, the greenhouse needs to receive the right attention to make the entire project to a success. 

The demands of the future

The demand for energy, water and food will only increase in the coming years. This makes it necessary to conduct research into how we can provide food demand with limited water and energy resources, also with medical and niche products. Designing a greenhouse for these unique purposes makes it a challenge not only for the specific requirements for the greenhouse, but also for the innovation that research often requires now and in the future.

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