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Solar sludge drying greenhouses

Sustainable sludge greenhouse solutions

Discover a new era of wastewater treatment where innovation meets sustainability. Excess sludge, a critical concern in the water waste industry, can be efficiently managed with our cutting-edge greenhouse solutions.

Excess sludge results from bacterial growth, inert solids accumulation, and endogenous residue during wastewater treatment. Even after conventional dewatering processes, the remaining sludge still poses challenges due to its persistent high water content (40-80%), creating a logistical and cost burden that can constitute up to 60% of overall operating costs.

Our revolutionary Solar Sludge Greenhouse technology directly addresses the limitations of conventional methods, providing a sustainable and cost-efficient approach to effectively reduce water content, optimize volume, and streamline the disposal process.

Innovative greenhouse drying systems

The Solar sludge drying greenhouse©, a highly efficient drying technology, utilizes air circulation for large-scale drying powered by conventional energy sources, ensuring a safe, nutritious, and hygienic process. Crucial nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus are retained in the sludge, making it an ideal foundation for fertilizer production. This innovative method not only addresses low-cost waste management but also contributes to sustainable agricultural practices.


Our solar sludge greenhouse method is a beacon of cost-efficiency, minimizing transport expenses significantly. Where 80 truckloads were once required for tanker sludge disposal, our innovative drying process achieves the same with only 1 to 1 1/2 truckloads.

Effectiveness in drying

Our innovative drying process ensures remarkable effectiveness. The sludge develops a porous structure with numerous cavities, created by channels of various diameters forming throughout the drying process. This unique feature allows efficient water drainage, enabling wet sewage sludge with 97% moisture to reach a residual moisture of nearly 5% in less than 8 weeks.

Sustainability & adaptability

The reduction in transport requirements significantly cuts carbon emissions, aligning with environmentally friendly initiatives. Furthermore, the nutrient-rich dried sludge promotes soil health, reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers and fostering a more sustainable and balanced ecosystem.

The solar sludge greenhouse drying process is suitable for retrofitting existing sludge drying beds. This strategic modification optimizes the drying process and offers a practical and cost-effective solution for enhancing overall efficiency.

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